Former SVP/Chief Customer Officer Walmart Asda U.K.

Former SVP/Marketing Walmart U.S. 

Ret Founder & CEO Saatchi & Saatchi X

Founder and Exec Chair, Customer-Centric Leadership Initiative University of Arkansas’s Walton College of Business

Founder, CEO of bigQuest Advisory, Inc. 

Strategic Advisor, Composite Ventures

Board Member, Endeavor VC Firm


Andy Murray is a renowned senior executive with an impressive track record of success in the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. With a career spanning over three decades, Andy has held key leadership roles in some of the world's largest corporations, including P&G, Walmart and Asda.

Andy's extensive experience in retail and marketing is demonstrated through his previous roles as SVP/Chief Customer Officer for Asda U.K., SVP/Marketing for Walmart U.S., and Founder & CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, a pioneering international shopper marketing agency. Andy's leadership at Asda saw the company return to growth while improving overall NPS, while at Walmart, he led the design of new Walmart Supercenter prototypes and delivered a new advertising approach to bring an emotional connection back to the brand.

Andy also served as a senior leader on the pioneering Procter & Gamble Global Customer Team for Walmart. 

In addition to his corporate roles, Andy is the Founder & Executive Chair of the Customer-Centric Leadership Initiative at the Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, and Founder & CEO of bigQuest Advisory, Inc., a consultancy that focuses on helping senior executives map and lead change in the retail and CPG space.

Andy's expertise in global trends, creative marketing, and in leading customer-centric transformation make him an invaluable mentor and strategic advisor to executives and their leadership teams who are leading change in their organizations.

As a Board Member of Endeavor, and Strategic Advisor for the VC firm Composite.Ventures, he also helps to support and promote high-impact entrepreneurs in the Retail Tech space.



Principles to map, launch and land a big quest.

Many leaders today want to break through barriers and lead initiatives that create the future for their organization. They want to go beyond the routine, do meaningful work and make work meaningful for others.

In today’s workplace, there is an abundance of opportunities to create the future, so why do 85% of new initiatives fail?

The problem isn’t motivation. 

The problem is the poverty of resources leaders need to get equipped with the method and mindset they need to charge through unknown complexities and unforeseen obstacles that inevitably pop up on the path to something new. 

When you can see opportunities, but lack the mindset and method to charge forward with confidence, it can feel frustrating and isolating. 

But you don’t have to go it alone

The bigQuest Framework helps you face the unknown with confidence, resolve obstacles along the way, and deliver breakthrough outcomes with your team, division, or company.

The bigQUEST Framework™ enables you to plan a successful journey and deliver the future with excellence.


A proven approach to customer-centered innovation.

Simplicity drives action. The right questions at the right time uncover solutions.  Sequencing unlocks early overcomes obstacles.  


Mental models that lead to better decisions. 

Misbeliefs, uncertainty, and complexity can make the future hard to see. The right mindsets can help you see what others can't see and make new connections that reveal innovation.


You can go faster alone, but to go further requires a team.

Co-creation leads to commitment and better ideas. Engaging people in the story creates engagement and momentum. 


Method, mindset, and motivation when combined together, create a powerful force multiplier that address all the necessary components of leading and landing innovation in big companies. 



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