The bigQUEST
Mapping Workshop

An interactive workshop facilitated by Andy Murray to turn problems worth solving into outcomes worth sharing. 


The WorkshopĀ Experience
Custom Tailored To Your Business
Co-Create Using The bigQUEST Framework
Identify Customer Centered Problems
Map A Path For Customer Centered Innovation
Leave With A Crafted Pitch

Your Experience with the bigQUEST Mapping Workshop

The workshop is made up of four two-hour sessions spread over five days. We'll use an actual customer problem your team is trying to solve and map the journey from the beginning to a sell-in pitch designed to get stakeholder support and team engagement. 



Principles to map, launch and land a big quest.


A proven approach to customer-centered innovation.

Simplicity drives action. The right questions at the right time uncover solutions.  Sequencing unlocks early overcomes obstacles.  


Mental models that lead to better decisions. 

Misbeliefs, uncertainty, and complexity can make the future hard to see. The right mindsets can help you see what others can't see and make new connections that reveal innovation.


You can go faster alone, but to go further requires a team.

Co-creation leads to commitment and better ideas. Engaging people in the story creates engagement and momentum. 


Method, mindset, and motivation when combined together, create a powerful force multiplier that address all the necessary components of leading and landing innovation in big companies. 

Customer Centered Problems

This workshop is specifically designed to deliver innovation on customer-centered challenges.  Not all customer problems are right to solve for every company. The customer problems worth solving for your company must be aligned with the company's purpose and strategy.  The bigQUEST Mapping Workshop ensures the right questions are asked to ensure you chose the right problem worthy of solving.

Map A Path For Customer Centered Innovation

Mapping a path from problem to outcome is the single biggest success factor for a quest.  Getting the path right means you won't get thrown off course by barriers or unforeseen challenges. 

Leave With A Crafted Pitch

Doing something new and not seen before in the organization requires careful crafting of language and story in order to get buy-in and engagement. If you can't communicate your quest in simple-to-understand and powerful language, buy-in is unlikely and failure is almost certain.  

The bigQUEST Mapping Workshop is designed to give you the language and storyline that makes it easier for stakeholders to say yes and collaborators to engage with hearts and minds. 

Custom Tailored To Your Business

Creating a roadmap for customer centered innovation for your busines


Different than a traditional workshop, the bigQUEST Mapping Workshop takes on a problem you are actually trying to solve with innovation inside your company.  As a result, you'll not only learn a repeatable and highly effective methodology for customer innovation, but you'll end the workshop with application and actions to put to work immediately for your company. 


Here's what participants are saying...

The interweaving of Andy's real experiences with the concepts; Andy wasn't afraid to offer a "solve" to our problems and obstacles!


I liked that it was a guided framework conversation – and liked that it was over multiple days because I thought about it over the week and applied the thinking to a few projects.


Really enjoyed the tangible outcome; specifically the prompts that allow me to go apply this in my day-to-day.


The framework is fantastic.


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