Andy Murray on How To Fill In Today’s Leadership Gaps

What are the leadership gaps you see within the new marketplace? Tune in to today’s episode where Andy Murray discusses the magic of co-creation, the power of leading with responsibility, and leadership gold that will turn moments into a movement. He explores some blue ocean moments in his three-decade career at Walmart, P&G, and Dayspring, and how the bigQUEST framework was born from those adventures. For more information on the bigQUEST Framework, find us at bigQUEST.com.

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Episode Highlights

1. There are easy-to-solve leadership gaps within the new marketplace that can be solved from the middle, not the top.

“We’ve got ideas all around us and challenges up to our eyeballs. What’s missing is the leader that can pull those pieces together.” Right now, we have an opportunity to engage people differently and to do new things that haven't been done before, and those opportunities are all around us every single day. bigQUEST provides the method, mindset and motivation to turn those pieces into outcomes.

2. Co-creation has exponential power to produce results and feed the soul.

A Gallup poll suggests 85% of people come to work disaffected, disengaged, disconnected from what they feel like their true value contribution can be. When someone is connected to a meaningful piece of work, that can change the game. The bigQUEST approach taps into that desire and gets participants excited to co-create.

3. Getting buy-in across an organization requires leading with responsibility.

We've been trained to lead from a sense of authority in leadership, but getting buy-in of hearts and minds across an organization requires leading with responsibility. Often, people don’t want to undertake an adventure unless they can be given authority; what they're really looking for is control. A bigQUEST leadership mindset says, “I want to be held responsible for this.”

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 Andy Murray

 CEO and Founder of bigQUEST

Andy is a highly effective senior leader with a passion for growth, creating cultures that unleash talent, and building capabilities through collaboration across functions. He has held leadership roles across retail (Walmart), CPG (P&G), start-ups (Mercury 11, Saatchi X) and global organizations (Asda U.K.). A creative problem solver, innovator, and marketer, he is known for building high-performing teams and delivering results.

Andy is a lifetime Honorary Board member of the University of Arkansas's Center for Retail Excellence where he helped developed the Center's presence and Innovation conferences. He is also an Early Board Member for the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics college. Andy was inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013 for his pioneering work in developing best practices and industry leadership in the emerging field of Shopper Marketing. He currently serves as Chairman of Asda Foundation.

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