Andy Murray on Unearthing Your Single Most Important Outcome

What’s the litmus test for determining the most important outcome of a bigQUEST? Tune in to today’s episode where Andy Murray talks about Question 2 of the 5 Big Questions when starting a bigQUEST: What’s the single most important outcome? He’ll walk us through the framework for achieving customer-centric results, break down the difference between objectives and outcomes, and shed light on the beauty of uncertainty. For more information on the bigQUEST Framework, find us at bigQUEST.com.

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1. An objective is about your achievement. An outcome describes how you want to see the life of your customer changed as a result of the outcome.

Strategic objectives are necessary when you’re solving left-brained problems. But when you’re envisioning an outcome that requires buy-in and engagement across the board, bigQUEST provides the framework for creative, right-brain outcomes.

2. Leaders can unearth the single most important outcome of their bigQUEST by simply running it past stakeholders.

This is your litmus test. Your outcome should have the buy-in of your customer or stakeholder, and should describe the specific result they dream of experiencing at the end of the bigQUEST. The secret is to start at the end, asking How do I want my customer to feel?

3. Uncertainty is a given, and it begets creativity.

We’re built and trained to desire certainty, which points to objectives. But when there’s uncertainty and creativity has to take over, you are driven by outcomes. The only way you come up with fresh ideas at scale is when you have the space to harness energy, passion and creativity -- to engage the brain’s right side.

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 Andy Murray

 CEO and Founder of bigQUEST

Andy is a highly effective senior leader with a passion for growth, creating cultures that unleash talent, and building capabilities through collaboration across functions. He has held leadership roles across retail (Walmart), CPG (P&G), start-ups (Mercury 11, Saatchi X) and global organizations (Asda U.K.). A creative problem solver, innovator, and marketer, he is known for building high-performing teams and delivering results.

Andy is a lifetime Honorary Board member of the University of Arkansas's Center for Retail Excellence where he helped developed the Center's presence and Innovation conferences. He is also an Early Board Member for the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics college. Andy was inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013 for his pioneering work in developing best practices and industry leadership in the emerging field of Shopper Marketing. He currently serves as Chairman of Asda Foundation.

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