Andy Murray on Calling Out Your Biggest Barrier

How can we start a bigQUEST by calling out only one barrier? Tune in to today’s episode where Andy Murray talks about Question 3 of the 5 Big Questions when starting a bigQUEST: What is the single biggest barrier that must be overcome? He’ll explain how to spot the biggest obstacle and how to acknowledge the endless variables when strategizing solutions. After three decades overcoming obstacles in corporate environments, he’ll share his personal secret for securing a commitment. For more information on the bigQUEST Framework, find us at bigQUEST.com.

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Episode Highlights

1. Identify your single biggest barrier by calling out the elephant in the room.

Few would start on a bigQUEST if we knew the obstacles that lay before us. Once you identify and overcome that obstacle, you’ll have confidence and buy-in to slay more dragons.

2. When strategizing solutions, there are too many variables to simply pull from what’s worked in the past.

Variables are infinite and strategies are dynamic, so it’s impossible to anticipate every barrier and possible solution. In a world of uncertainty, those who are tuned in are going to be the ones who are able to pivot, sort, adjust and adapt their strategies to the moment at hand.

3. Overcoming barriers requires a high level of commitment.

How do you get people to make the commitment? You've got to have hearts and minds and an outcome worth pursuing. A commitment where going back is going to cost you something -- that really focuses the mind.

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 Andy Murray

 CEO and Founder of bigQUEST

Andy is a highly effective senior leader with a passion for growth, creating cultures that unleash talent, and building capabilities through collaboration across functions. He has held leadership roles across retail (Walmart), CPG (P&G), start-ups (Mercury 11, Saatchi X) and global organizations (Asda U.K.). A creative problem solver, innovator, and marketer, he is known for building high-performing teams and delivering results.

Andy is a lifetime Honorary Board member of the University of Arkansas's Center for Retail Excellence where he helped developed the Center's presence and Innovation conferences. He is also an Early Board Member for the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics college. Andy was inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013 for his pioneering work in developing best practices and industry leadership in the emerging field of Shopper Marketing. He currently serves as Chairman of Asda Foundation.

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