Sean Womack on The Happiness Effect

Is your team hungry to grow? Tune in to today’s episode Andy talks with marketer and innovator, Sean Womack, about cultivating a growth-mindset culture, setting and achieving radical outcomes, and applying consumer-focused innovation to an often-overlooked market — eggs.


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3 Insights from Sean

1. Consumer-focused innovation was the game-changer for Sean’s company, Happy Eggs.

Sean noticed that, in terms of bringing eggs to consumers in large markets, innovation hadn’t happened in a very long time. He took a cue from European chicken caretakers and set up his operation differently than any brand we typically see on the grocery store shelves. 

“Most of our feed experts and everything else are European. They really are probably two or three decades ahead of us in terms of just knowing how to raise a bird.”


2. Even the best creative assets aren’t going to work if they aren’t breaking through to the people who use and purchase the product. 

“I don't want to just all be data… I don't want to just do crazy creative for the sake of doing creative, that doesn't have some strategic underpinnings behind it… Then you have credibility with the marketing community as well because it puts such a premium, but also a laser focus on this is our message, it has to be our message every single time.”


3. A culture of safety and creativity is key to innovation.

“How do we build the system that allows this kind of thinking that makes it safe — that you build vulnerability, there's no fear in the system, people are willing to take risks, you set it up so they can't burn anything down? They can't break something that's not fixable at the end, but just create these spaces and ways, and then just take your hands off and let them go.”


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About Your Host

 Andy Murray

 CEO and Founder of bigQUEST

Andy is a highly effective senior leader with a passion for growth, creating cultures that unleash talent, and building capabilities through collaboration across functions. He has held leadership roles across retail (Walmart), CPG (P&G), start-ups (Mercury 11, Saatchi X) and global organizations (Asda U.K.). A creative problem solver, innovator, and marketer, he is known for building high-performing teams and delivering results.

Andy is a lifetime Honorary Board member of the University of Arkansas's Center for Retail Excellence where he helped developed the Center's presence and Innovation conferences. He is also an Early Board Member for the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics college. Andy was inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013 for his pioneering work in developing best practices and industry leadership in the emerging field of Shopper Marketing. He currently serves as Chairman of Asda Foundation.

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About Our Guest

 Sean Womack 

 VP of Marketing & Innovation | Happy Egg

Sean Womack is a self-declared idea junkie and serial starter. He founded SMACK media, a lifestyle media company, sold the company to Fayetteville-based agency Field Agent to grow audience and revenue, and built a consulting firm from scratch. A few years ago, SMACK helped to rebrand Happy Egg Co., and now, Womack is the vice president of marketing and innovation for the free-range egg company.

Womack’s career has always centered on developing, fostering, and executing creative ideas for businesses and brands. He has helped Walmart as vice president of marketing — communications architect, and was the chief creative officer for Saatchi & Saatchi X.


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