5 Big Questions Your Team Needs To Answer

5 questions bigquest free download leadership Nov 16, 2020

Too many leaders ask the wrong questions, then wonder why they get the wrong solutions.

You’ve probably heard the principle: “Begin with the end in mind.” Many leaders have. And like many leaders, perhaps you’ve sat down with your team and crafted a detailed description of the way you’ll solve for a challenge. You lay out the critical path. You assign ownership for each step. And you put due dates on the calendar. But somehow, all that planning fails to deliver the desired outcome.

In fact, a surprising 85% of new initiatives fail to achieve their intended results. 

In most of those cases, it’s because the leaders in charge of those initiatives are asking the wrong questions. Instead of truly understanding the problem they’re trying to solve, they rush to describe a clever solution. In the process, they fall in love with solutions before falling in love with the problem. That’s not how standout leaders approach things today. They understand that things move quickly and teams need the ability to move forward even when they lack the details to map everything out perfectly. They know how to channel the team’s resources to create customer experiences worth sharing, invent a new value proposition, or improve employee engagement and retention.

Truth be told, there are 5 Big Questions your team needs to answer before launching a successful initiative. You can use the bigQUEST framework to achieve your team’s goals, too. 

No more constantly pulling people along to keep things moving forward. Instead, energized team members will work together to generate sustainable momentum and propel initiatives to completion with alignment and clarity. 

The key is in the answers to 5 Big Questions that are fundamental to getting the desired outcome of your quest. 

I’ve created a helpful guide to walk you through these five game-changing questions with your team and plan your own QUEST. It’s easy to understand, and revolutionary for team engagement and fulfillment. 

The 5 BIG Questions Checklist will:

  • Help you simplify the challenge
  • Stay on course as a reliable compass
  • Gain buy-in and support across all stakeholders.

I hope you’ll consider answering the 5 BIG Questions with your team… and begin your own bigQUEST today.